We love our local pubs and raise a toast to all the bars that provide us with tasty beverages! Last call is a high-risk time for your patrons and the majority of DUI arrests occur early Saturday and Sunday morning. Your customers want an easy way to know if they risk a DUI charge and Think Twice can give your staff the tools they need to help everyone get home safely.


Let it ride! We are all in when it comes to having fun at a casino, and with so many different types of entertainment options, we can gamble until the sun comes up. Casinos have a high volume of customers who stay on property for extended periods of time and this creates a unique public safety concern when alcohol is involved. If the guests you care about are drinking and driving, don't gamble! The odds are not in your favor and the risks are too high!


"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food." Restaurants come in wonderful variety and if you have one location or many there is a tasteful way to provide a discreet DUI prevention plan. Think Twice is all about collaboration and we can work with you to develop policies that fit your needs. An evening with friends and family should not end with a trip to jail and you can easily provide a common-sense service that everyone will appreciate.


It's time to party! We want bottle service and a packed dance floor with a DJ that can raise the roof! Let's face it, your customers came to drink and each night your club is open, your staff will deal with individuals who have consumed too much alcohol. Don’t let someone’s bad decision ruin your party. Think Twice can help keep the music up and the party going with a custom DUI prevention plan that will protect your business from unnecessary liability and legal consequences.


Did you know the U.S. Marine Corps was founded in a tavern in 1775? The Military is here to protect us and Think Twice is here to help protect those who serve from a DUI that could impact or possibly end a military service member’s career. Since the inception of the armed forces, alcohol related incidents have been a burden for service members and our mission is to give all those that serve an opportunity to have a good time and and get home safely.


Think Twice is currently sold at convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and various other retail outlets associated with the sale of alcohol. If you are interested in a wholesale account please contact us at and we will help get you started. A standard retail display box holds 24 Think Twice DUI Test units and is perfect for retail sales.


Think Twice can work with your Event Coordinator or Facility Management team to promote DUI prevention at the exits of all concerts, sporting events, festivals, or private celebrations. No matter the size of the crowd, we can help all attendees make more informed decisions and reduce the overall liability associated with serving alcohol at your event.


Studies show every year 1,800+ college students between the ages of 18 and 24 die from alcohol-related unintentional injuries, including motor-vehicle crashes. Think Twice works with academic institutions to help their students realize a DUI can also impact their career options. Think Twice can help by developing a program for your school that will prevent these unnecessary consequences before it is too late.


More than half the states have statutory provisions that allow restaurants, bars, and liquor stores to be held liable for serving alcohol to individuals who cause injuries or death as a result of their intoxication. Penalties for such cases can range into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and for this reason liquor liability insurance coverage is required. Rates are determined, in part, by the number of DUI charges attributed to a business, which is then reported to the Liquor Control Board.