DUI Prevention For Alcohol Events

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The reality is that people today are curious, or in some cases concerned, if they are at risk of a DUI, and it is often challenging to influence a large group of people who are drinking alcohol at an event.
Think Twice can make it fun for attendees to learn about Breath-Alcohol-Content  and when not to drive after consuming alcohol. Our certified volunteers operate digital breathalyzers and educate participants about the common misconceptions associated with a DUI Arrest giving everyone the chance to think twice about drinking and driving.

Winter Hop Brew Fest 2020 Missoula Downtown Association & Drive Safe Missoula

Think Twice attended the Winter Hop Brew Fest sponsored by the Missoula Downtown Association and Drive Safe Missoula to provide breathalyzer and DUI prevention education to attendees. Thank-you to the University of Montana volunteers who helped make this event a success!

Think Twice

Winter Hop Brew Fest

Think Twice

Tablet Breathalyzer

Think Twice

Attendee Questionnaire

Portable Breathalyzer

Portable Breathalyzer

Waiting To Test

Waiting In Line To Test

Think Twice Tent

Think Twice Tent

The overwhelmingly positive response from the public can be seen on our Facebook page and we encourage you to check out the hundreds of testimonials and event pictures.

DUI Prevention for alcohol events - We can help make your community safer

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"Think Twice is a standard for responsible alcohol service."

"People who drink and drive often do not understand the key factors involved with a DUI arrest."

"It’s important to develop a DUI prevention plan for all public events that serve alcohol."