Safe Night is a consulting firm that provides solutions to increase trust, safety, and economic viability for municipalities, hospitality industry, economic development offices and trade associations. Think Twice DUI Prevention is partnered with Safe Night to work with alcohol serving establishments to make communities safer.

Operating a restaurant, bar, tavern, or special event venue that serves alcohol can be a high-risk endeavor. Owners face the dangers of criminal and civil liability from state and local authorities, patrons, and even employees. While most establishments operate safely with an occasional issue, it can be difficult for owners to prove that they are using effective practices that are supported by employee policies and training.

The Safe Night Hospitality Resource Guide is meant to inform and support restaurant and bar owners in developing and implementing relevant, effective employee standards, policies, and training to reduce liability when hiring new employees and welcoming back returning staff.

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Safe Night Program Topics

The goal is to provide municipal and hospitality staff the tools needed to establish a multi-agency, unified nightlife strategy to implement "A Safe Night Out."

  • Understanding and Evaluating Need for a Nightlife Approach - Safe Night provides training and strategies needed to reduce alcohol related harm and improve economic viability in nightlife and entertainment areas.
  • Collect Data And Identify Issues Through Analysis of Nightlife Areas - Conducting economic and social impact research will support allocation of resources and funding for all involved agencies.
  • Operational Analysis/Identify Stakeholders - Relationships and collaboration are the keys to improving nightlife safety. Include all individuals and agencies that have a vested interest in establishing a safe and economically viable entertainment area.
  • Safe Night Proactive Alliance Approach - The Proactive Alliance Approach is the foundation for establishing trust with business owners and the community. Using methods adapted from psychological counseling therapy concepts, staff will learn how to facilitate cooperation rather than demanding it. The Proactive Alliance Approach teaches enforcement agencies and police to work side by side with stakeholders to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • Safe Night Active Bystander - Introducing the Safe Night Active Bystander training to your community can increase safety and awareness to sexual assault and harassment. Communities that make safety a priority are more likely to thrive and be economically viable.
  • Training and Policies for Restaurant-Bar Staff/Accreditation Program - Empower restaurant/bar staff to comply with the law and adopt effective practices by providing training, policies, and expectations. The benefits of staff participating in training will be measured in a reduction of alcohol related harm, reduced liability for staff, and a safe environment for patrons. 
  • Broaden Reach and Effectiveness/Vibrancy and Economic Viability - Public-private partnerships can improve safety, efficiency, and quality of life. For example, coordinated efforts such as establishing loading zones for ride-share vehicles and taxis and using dedicated shuttles are ways to get people home safely.
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Safe Night Staff Training

Training includes fake identification detection, handling intoxicated customers, public safety expectations, in-house documentation, and active bystander sexual assault intervention.