CheckBAC Drive: Voluntary Ignition Interlock (always-on)


The CheckBAC Drive vehicle ignition interlock system uses a simple starter bypass that connects with the smartphone application. The handheld breathalyzer automatically pairs with the smartphone and sends the results to the application. A lock-out occurs above 0.02% breath-alcohol-content (BAC) and alerts Monitor(s) in real-time.

This provides a simple experience for drivers, and is the most affordable platform on the market

  • One BAC test is required before the vehicle will start.
  • A rolling test while driving is not part of the system.
  • Zero breathalyzer technology installed in vehicle.
  • Discreet and Compact Design – no tubes involved.
  • Monitor can request an on demand BAC test at any time.
  • Identity Verification: video captured using smartphone camera.
  • Facial Recognition used to flag video files for review.
  • GPS tracking included – Date/time/location of each test.
  • Online account management portal – admin access.

Please call (866) 657-5658 to speak with a Think Twice team member.


CheckBAC Drive is a voluntary vehicle ignition interlock that does not install breathalyzer technology in the automobile. This drastically reduces maintenance costs because only a handheld device is used to pass an alcohol test. The hardware for the vehicle does not require special certification and any car audio or alarm installer can get it done.

CheckBAC Drive – Voluntary Ignition Interlock Hardware (Included) – $169.95

  • Installation by car audio/alarm business.
  • Compatible with Apple and Android.
  • Reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • External Antenna for extended range
  • Low standby power consumption

Vehicle Installation

A car audio/alarm business can perform the installation labor and should only charge for one to two hours. A detailed wiring diagram is included and the technology is similar to a remote start. Think Twice can help coordinate the installation if needed.

Bluetooth Breathalyzer (Included) – $99.00

This digital, handheld Bluetooth breathalyzer is included in the system to provide accurate breath-alcohol test. The device automatically connects to your CheckBAC app after being powered on making it a user friendly experience. Add a Second breathalyzer to your order for a backup here.

  • Compatible with Apple and Android
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Small, handheld breathalyzer

Breathalyzer Calibration Service

All digital breathalyzer require periodic calibration to maintain accuracy. Think Twice offers mail-in calibration service for handheld breathalyzers.

After you purchase the CheckBAC hardware Think Twice provides a link to start the $34.99 per month subscription.

No contract required. You own the hardware. Easily transfer to different vehicles.

Download the CheckBAC App for Android or iOS. 

To learn more about voluntary ignition interlock systems call (866) 657-5658.

We recommend purchasing two handheld devices in case one is lost or requires maintenance.

Additional information

Weight36 oz
Dimensions12 × 9 × 9 in

Monthly, Annually