Commercial Hospitality Insurance

Liquor Liability & DUI Prevention

The challenge for the hospitality industry is that patrons often do not understand risk after consuming alcohol and even less about liquor liability. It’s difficult for any service team to know if a guest will drive impaired later, and even with mandatory alcohol server training, the increasing number of successful lawsuits against bar operators suggest much more than state minimums are needed.

Think Twice is the leader in DUI prevention strategies with practical tools for front-of-house staff that reduce successful liquor liability lawsuits. Many insurance underwriters want to compete for lower-risk policies and all Think Twice customers qualify for their best hospitality programs.

Risk Varies Between Alcohol Serving Establishments

The owner of Bar #1 promotes a party environment and their service team consistently overserve patrons. Bar #2 across the street is operated by an owner who has taken proactive steps to implement policies that promote responsible alcohol service; should they pay the same cost for hospitality insurance?

Many factors influence an insurance policy, and it’s important to evaluate each business on their own merits, but unfortunately, most policies are written based on total alcohol sales vs. total food sales, with no mechanism for responsible bar operators to reduce their insurance premiums.

Leading insurance companies sponsor Think Twice as a way for the hospitality industry to reduce risk. If you operate an alcohol serving establishment, we can make it easy for you to meet brokers who want to take the time to understand your specific coverage needs.

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