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Save lives when we create a culture of caring, respect, and safety among drivers, regardless of economic status, and expand access to products, services, and transportation alternatives to get home safely.

The Think Twice Foundation is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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    In the value of preventing harm towards innocent human beings.

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    Impaired driving is a preventable problem.

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    Success is measured by the degree our culture shifts away from impaired driving.

Breathalyzer Technology Can Save Lives

SOBRDRIVE - 110-0001 (1)

Voluntary Ignition Interlock

CheckBAC Drive allows individuals and families to take control of a vehicle with a low-cost alcohol monitoring system.

SOBRDrive is 100% voluntary for people who want the ability to turn the ignition interlock ON with the press of a button.

Single-Use Breathalyzers

Think Twice promotes single-use breathalyzers because it is an easy way to introduce the technology to the broader population.

Digital Breathalyzers

It is important to understand how to operate and maintain a Digital breathalyzer. These devices require calibration to remain accurate due to sensor degradation related to usage and time.

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