CheckBAC Alcohol & Behavior Monitoring

How It Works

Discreetly submit an alcohol breath test anytime, anywhere using the CheckBAC App + our Bluetooth digital breathalyzer.


CheckBAC automatically verifies identity with facial recognition software so monitors can manually review flagged video files.

CheckBAC vehicle ignition interlock

The user's smartphone reports GPS location and tracks the velocity of travel. If the device travels faster than 15 MPS a BAC test can be required.


BAC test results, including GPS location, are reported via text/email and uploaded to the CheckBAC platform for review.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Summary Reports Included.

Real-time BAC Test Results Sent Email/Text.

GPS Location reported on Google Maps Dashboard.

Instantly Assign A New Monitor.

15 MPH or Faster Can Require BAC Test.

Facial Recognition Confirms User's Identity.

Remote On-demand BAC Testing Available.

Add vehicle interlock for same monthly cost.

CheckBAC Drive

Vehicle Alcohol Monitor - same $34.99 per month to add an ignition interlock with no need for expensive breathalyzer technology in the vehicle.

Get Started

The program requires a smartphone or compatible mobile device (IOS/Android) and the purchase of our Bluetooth enabled pocket sized iAlco Supreme breathalyzer. For pricing information, choose your plan options below.

Step 1 - Purchase iAlco Supreme breathalyzer.

Step 2 - Think Twice will confirm your plan.

Step 3 - Start Free 10 day trial. No contracts. Cancel anytime.



per month*

CheckBAC alcohol monitoring for one user. A family member or treatment provider manage the platform.



per month*

CheckBAC + Monitoring, Reporting, and Support provided by Think Twice for one user.

Remote Monitoring Benefits

CheckBAC's real-time technology gives treatment providers visibility into their patient behavior giving you the opportunity to intervene and make adjustments. The low-cost alleviates the financial burden often associated with these services.

For The Treatment Provider

Secure provider portal access to all your clients gives you full control of testing schedules and reports. No extra fees for features or tiered pricing to access the platforms capabilities. Everything is included in the monthly cost.

For The Client

For those starting their recovery journey, accountability improves outcomes and remote monitoring provides flexibility while also delivering a complete solution. In-person meetings are not required and vacation or extended trips do not open the door to an alcohol relapse going unreported.

Becoming a Certified CheckBAC Provider

A Certified CheckBAC Provider is a Substance Abuse Treatment Professional who wants to complete a more involved training.

CheckBAC Monitors understand the benefits of clinical oversight, help patients build testing protocols, establish contingencies for non-compliance, and provide frequent counseling throughout the recovery process.

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Target Users


Family Law & Child Custody Cases


Support for Family & Friends


Compliance Monitoring


Teen Drivers


Health Professionals


Workplace Management



All digital breathalyzers require periodic manual calibration to provide accurate test results. Eventually the device must be discarded. The Alcomate technology changes this forever.



All products are covered for manufacturer defect and can be replaced or returned.



The Think Twice Customer Service Team are available to answer questions and provide ongoing support.

Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzers

Our disposable breathalyzers are individually packaged and the crystals in the viewing window change color based on 4 different breath-alcohol-content levels. (0.00% / 0.02% / 0.05% / 0.08%+)

Reliable alcohol screening for professional and personal use.

Breathalyzers Need Calibration?

Digital breathalyzers must be periodically calibrated to maintain accuracy. Alcomate Prism Technology™ does not.