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Reduce Liquor Liability and Protect your Business

Think Twice is a first of its kind DUI prevention company with a proactive approach for bars, restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs to reduce their risk. We make it easy for front-of-house staff to promote responsible alcohol service and customer safety.

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Single-Use Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people, so it makes sense for the public to understand and use the technology as a prevention tool. Think Twice offers a single-use breathalyzer that is individually packaged and extremely reliable.

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Promote DUI prevention

Breathalyzer education can be promoted with a variety of media kit items like posters in restrooms, table tents, checkbook inserts, and bar coasters. We also offer training for front-of-house-staff to reduce liquor liability.

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Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

We love our local pubs and taprooms and raise a toast to all the breweries that provide us with tasty beverages! Last call is a high-risk time for your patrons and your business. Your customers want an easy way to know if they risk a DUI and with Think Twice you can provide the tools your staff and customers need to help everyone get home safely.

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

Let it ride! We are all in when it comes to having fun at a casino, and with so many different types of entertainment customers stay on property for extended periods of time. If the guests you care about are drinking and driving, don't gamble! The odds are not in your favor, and the risks are too high!

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food." Restaurants come in wonderful variety and whether you have one location or many, there is a tasteful way to help ensure your valued patrons and guests get home safely. After all, an evening with friends and family shouldn't end with a DUI.

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

It's time to party! We want bottle service and a packed dance floor with a DJ that can raise the roof! But lets be honest, many of your customers came to drink and each night your business is open liquor liability is a concern. With Think Twice you can protect your business and the community. 

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

Did you know the U.S. Marine Corps was founded in a tavern in 1775? The Military is here to protect us, and Think Twice is here to help protect those who serve from a DUI that could impact or possibly end a military service member’s career.  Alcohol-related incidents have been a burden for service members and Think Twice is ready to provide practical solutions.


Think Twice is currently sold at convenience stores, drug stores, grocery stores, and various other retail outlets associated with the sale of alcohol. If you are interested in a wholesale account, please contact us at, and we will help get you started.

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service

Think Twice offers event services that includes a tent or booth staffed by trained volunteers who provide common-sense education about alcohol and a DUI arrest. No matter the size of the crowd, we can help your high-risk attendees and reduce the overall liability associated with serving alcohol at your event.

Workplace Safety

Think Twice can help ensure safe working conditions with employee alcohol testing. We offer breath-alcohol-content screening solutions that are practical and cost effective. Impairment is a serious concern for many companies, especially when the job involves operating vehicles or machinery.


In my 15+ years of law enforcement experience, Think Twice is the most innovative, proactive, "meet them where they are" DUI prevention strategy I've ever seen.

Great program! I’m excited to have these in the bar

What an amazing product. Everyone needs it in their car.

As a bartender I totally recommend this!

I think this is an amazing thing they are doing!! It keeps you and others safe by being aware of your alcohol intake.
These guys are doing it right.

This team and the service they are providing to the community is amazing. DUI prevention should be at the top of every single business that serves or sells alcohol.

Tried the think twice product. What an amazing product and brilliant idea for a bar to have. #ithinktwice

Think twice is amazing. Such a brilliant idea! Our customers love and appreciate our concern for their well being. This is the best initiative ever!! Please support Think Twice!

Great company with an amazing mission statement and wonderful people to work with! I found out about them at the PROOF Distiller's festival and immediately asked for a demo. There is solid support available and we are excited to be part of this program!


Think Twice is an incredible organization. They’re community focused and working to successfully prevent DUIs, keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. Together we can save lives! #ithinktwice

This product saves lives and is inexpensive and will save you from getting a DUI!!!! Highly recommend

This is by far the most advanced product to keep you in check🍸🍷
Please drink responsibly

I can't believe this didn't become a thing a long time ago! I think eventually this program should be in every location that sells any type of booze. What an amazing way to keep our family and friends safe! Keep up the great work!

Great program! A wonderful way to keep in mind what the consequences of drinking and driving is. The tests they offer are amazing and accurate. #Ithinktwice

I love this organization! It’s a great way to make sure you’re friends are as “good” as they think they are. A quick test is cheaper than $5k + in DUI fees. #IThinkTwice

Amazing service that I have been searching for! Keep saving lives and educating the people! LOVE THIS

Amazing company! I love that they are protecting everyone from needless drunk drivers by promoting an affordable breathalyzer test. Please think twice before getting behind the wheel!

This initiative is amazing. It’s so much more than a breathalyzer!

these are amazing!! great for the bartender and customer!!

As a bartender I think this is a great tool for my patrons! I am glad there are tools like this to THINK TWICE! #ithinktwice

This is amazing !! It will save so many lives !!

Think Twice is an amazing organization dedicated to informing the public on the dangers of intoxicated driving.

Think twice is an amazing way to keep our community safe. Information helps a lot!

Twink Twice is The BEST DUI prevention test you can get your hands on before you leave the Bar! Cheap and easy to use.

As a retired cop this is a great tool. Dont drive impaired. Think Twice is awesome

As a bartender this product is super easy to use and helpful in letting the customer “think twice” before driving.

Seriously, two bucks. $2, prevent DUI, save lives. All schools, bars and dining establishments need to make these available.

Awesome product! Will save a lot of lives! All bars should offer this!

Think Twice is a game changer! As someone who has worked in the nightlife bar industry for 10+ years. The think twice program is one of the best ways to protect your bar, your patrons and the community.

great tool/preventative measure for patrons and establishments.

I am a bartender and I use this product daily to help keep our customers informed and safe. I love it!

A really good way to help yourself and others! Justin was really informative, a way to stop people from further being affected by drinking and driving

Here at the triangle pub and tried Think Twice! This organization is incredible. I took the test and it helped me to know that I shouldn’t drive. 2 bucks instead 15k for DUI. Awesome. I would recommend anybody who has had a few drinks to think twice and know before you go! #ithinktwice

This is the most amazing service and will save so many lives. This needs to be in all bars and restaurants. We have all been a victim of drinking and driving, let's make a difference! #ithinktwice

This is an amazing concept and product and i highly recommend this to all bars and patrons!

Just got out of a meeting with my bar (slopitch casino) so excited to start selling this product at the bar to help customers figure out if they are ok to drive if they are unsure. They are right DUI’s do suck!

Great prevention program!

I’m a bartender and I love the idea of keeping our customers safe and preventing DUIs.

The foundation of this company is to save lives. It's unfortunate for the many fallen men and women that this product wasn't around sooner. and for the cost benefit assessment this product is a no brainer. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars for the low cost, ease of use, and how it can prevent unfortunate accidents.

Great product that keeps the community safe!

Really a great product. Compared it against a police “blower...totally accurate. Great product for only TWO BUCKS!! Save a life for $2? Not a question—I’m a supporter. Great product.

great product for bartenders and patrons!

Brilliant! I recommend every establishment do this!!!

This company is leading the way when it comes to innovation and safety. I lost an uncle to a DUI and 100% support their mission. I used this product in Bellinghams Bar and Grill and decided not to drive. #ithinktwice

Evan Iversen recommends

Think Twice DUI Prevention. October 6, 2018.

Think Twice is awesome and will help save lives and prevent DUIs!

A Liquor Liability lawsuit has the potential to cripple an otherwise successful and healthy business.

Your customers do not understand the complexity of liquor liability.

Empower your team with the skills they need to shift responsibility back to the public.

In a fast-paced hospitality environment it’s difficult for your service team to know if a guest will drive impaired later.