Voluntary Ignition Interlock

Take control before you drink alcohol and eliminate impaired decisions later!

SOBRDRIVE is the lowest-cost Voluntary Ignition Interlock System (VIIS) available. At less than $0.50 per day for an annual subscription, we have made it possible for everyone to make the decision to be more responsible before consuming alcohol.

We use a small, handheld Personal Bluetooth Breathalyzer that connects with the SOBRDRIVE App to provide a direct connection to the ignition interlock installed in your vehicle. The technology is really cool, so most of our customers are proud to show their friends and family how easy it is to be responsible.

Being Proactive Is Always Better Than Being Reactive

Make the right decision to be responsible before your first drink of alcohol!

The World’s First Bluetooth In-Vehicle Alcohol Detection Platform Even when you fail, you win with SOBRDRIVE

Being a responsible driver should be as easy as taking a drink. The tools to stop drunk driving are at your fingertips. It’s not complicated, or intrusive. Just an App that gives you options and direct support from your personal network of friends and family.

How TO Use SOBRDRIVE First, select your favorite car audio store to have the ignition hardware installed. Download the SOBRDRIVE App and complete your profile.

Follow the App instructions to activate the system before your first drink. That could be at your home or when you arrive at a bar. It is a conscious decision to turn the App on before leaving the vehicle. The next time you want the vehicle to start perform a breathalyzer test using the App. If you pass, the vehicle will start, if not, you are locked out for 15 minutes before another test can be performed.

The contacts you added in the App will be notified with your BAC result and GPS location if you are higher than the alcohol level selected. The driver is automatically offered the option to record a video message informing the selected contacts that they are OK or need help getting home. Uber and Lyft are both available from the same App including regional taxi services, public transportation, and hotels.

Bluetooth Breathalyzer

This personal, handheld bluetooth breathalyzer uses electrochemical sensors to provide accurate breath-alcohol test results every time. Its size makes it a perfect breathalyzer to check your BAC anywhere. Just connect it to your Apple IOS smartphone and check your BAC level.

  • Compatible with iOS devices only. >>>> (Android pending)
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Electrochemical sensor
  • Small and discrete


The SOBRDRIVE Hardware can be installed by any car audio store in the same way as a remote start system. No embarrassing tubes come out of the ignition making it a discrete alcohol interlock service.


Install Voluntary Ignition Interlock Service

$99.00 - $200.00 depending on vehicle*

The SOBRDRIVE hardware uses existing technology to bypass the ignition in any vehicle. The install service can be performed by anyone who understands remote start systems but we recommend a professional car audio store based on your location.

*Install cost may vary based on the car audio store’s hourly rate and the type of vehicle. It should only take 30 minutes to install using the SOBRDRIVE instructions included.

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