Breathalyzer Calibration Service


Breathalyzer calibration service is required for fuel-cell and semiconductor sensors to maintain accurate readings. How often? Each sensor varies, but the more a person breathes alcohol and other particles into the device, the sooner maintenance is needed. If a device is not used it is still recommended to calibrate once a year.

After multiple calibrations your breathalyzer will eventual fail completely due to the sensor breaking down. Think Twice promotes the AlcoMate Prism™ Technology for personal breathalyzers because it’s the only breathalyzer with a replaceable sensor that eliminates the need for calibration.


Breathalyzer Calibration Service

Fuel-cell and Semiconductor breathalyzers can be calibrated to maintain accuracy using a specialized  module that runs a solution of 0.05% alcohol through the breathalyzer sensor.

Think Twice will email you a shipping label. Place the handheld breathalyzer in a standard padded envelope, not larger than 9.5 x 12 inches, and return using the United States Postal Service.

The device will be calibrated, tested, and returned in the same way.

Note: calibration is not always possible because sensors eventually break down over time.

Breathalyzer Sensor Types

A fuel-cell sensor provides the highest level of accuracy for a professional level breathalyzer. Think Twice recommends the Alcomate Revo.

Breathalyzers with semiconductor sensor technology are less accurate than those with fuel-cell sensors, so are less expensive. Think Twice recommends the Alcomate Premium.

To learn more about our breathalyzer calibration service call (866) 657-5658.