Commercial Insurance for Hospitality

At Revo we take pride in having a unique, modern approach offering property and casualty insurance products. Across industries, our client's needs are covered. From general liability and workers' compensation to umbrella coverage, Revo has the products, experience, and relationships to protect your commercial business.

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With insurance in place, the second half of the equation must involve proactive front of house policies that prove due diligence related to your alcohol service.

Think Twice is a first of its kind DUI prevention company that provides practical solutions for the hospitality industry. Mandatory Alcohol Server Training is an important step, yet the increasing number of successful lawsuits against bar operators suggest much more than state minimums are needed.

Implement a loss prevention program of substance, Revo Insurance Alliance + Think Twice

Hospitality Program

Practical tools to reduce liquor liability for alcohol serving establishments. Learn more about DUI prevention and awareness from Think Twice.

Incident Log Book

Consistent documentation after an incident can be a cornerstone in the defense of your business. The Think Twice Incident Log Book makes it easy for service teams to complete this task and get back to taking care of customers.

Single-Use Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers are used by law enforcement to arrest people, so it makes sense for the public to understand and use the technology as a prevention tool. Think Twice offers a single-use breathalyzer that does not read above 0.08% BAC, making it the perfect prevention tool for the hospitality industry.