It’s easy as 1, 2, 3

  • step 1 instructions Think Twice single-use breathalyzer

    1  Firmly press both white caps at ends of tube inward to break security foil.

  • step 2 instructions Think Twice single-use breathalyzer

    2  Blow for 10 seconds, 2 times, into side where arrows are located.

  • step 3 instructions Think Twice single-use breathalyzer

    3  After 2 minutes, compare the color of the results window with scale.

Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzers are FDA approved and guaranteed to be accurate. Whether you are heading out to have fun with your friends and family, or you are the owner of an alcohol serving venue, we have something for you.

Single-Use Breathalyzer

Our single-use, disposable breathalyzers are pocket sized and provide immediate results. Their slim and small design make them a perfect fit for your bag or purse and is a $2 - $3.00 retail item if you are the owner of an alcohol establishment. We believe simple-to-use tools and proper alcohol education can help people know when NOT to drive.

Since 2017, Think Twice has worked with bar and taproom owners to reduce liquor liability risk with practical front-of-house strategies. Our disposable breathalyzers are not admissible in court and can be used for workplace safety alcohol screening, treatment centers, and personal use.

Contact Information

For additional information about Think Twice Single-Use Breathalyzers, give us a call today at (866) 657-5658. We look forward to helping you have fun, be safe, and make communities safer.

Alcohol Serving Establishments

Think Twice offers a hospitality program for bar and restaurant operators that make it easy to shift responsibility to the public. Topics include:

  • How front-of-house staff can protect an alcohol serving business.
  • Incident Log Book "Best Practices" from insurance companies.
  • T2 breathalyzers are retail items that are not admissible in court.
  • Breathalyzers are used by law enforcement.
  • The public can use breathalyzers to prevent DUIs.
  • Help patrons know when NOT to drive.
  • Qualify for insurance discounts/credits with Think Twice.

Virtual classes are available for managers and front-of-house servers for an instructor led experience. We also offer a free service team handbook that covers best practices to protect your business.

Single-Use Breathalyzer

The T2 Single-Use Breathalyzer will provide 4 different breath-alcohol-content (BAC) results based on a color change from white to dark red. The crystals in the viewing window will change colors based on a range from 0.00% – 0.08% BAC.

  • 0.00% BAC
  • 0.02% BAC
  • 0.05% BAC
  • 0.08% BAC

The device will report a user’s breath-alcohol-content (BAC) at the moment the test is taken, so it is important to understand BAC levels continue to rise and any level of alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive safely, regardless of the BAC test results.

Wait 15 – 20 minutes after consuming alcohol before using any type of breathalyzer. It is recommended to drink water prior to taking the test as a way to remove alcohol or any other products in the mouth.

Liquor Liability Alcohol Service