SOBRDRIVE: Monthly/Annual Subscriptions



A Bluetooth Breathalyzer + SOBRDRIVE Vehicle Alcohol Detection Hardware must be added to obtain the subscription.


Purchase a monthly subscription service for only $17.99/month ($0.60 cents per day) with no contracts.

The annual subscription service is only $12.67/month ($0.42 per day).

Download the SOBRDRIVE iOS App – $4.99 from the Apple store

Bluetooth Breathalyzer – $90.00

This personal, handheld Bluetooth breathalyzer uses electrochemical sensors to provide accurate breath-alcohol test results every time. The device automatically connects to your SOBRDRIVE app after being powered on making it easy to test your BAC any time you need.

  • Compatible with iOS. >>>>>   (Android Pending)
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Electrochemical sensor
  • Small, handheld breathalyzer

SOBRDRIVE Vehicle Alcohol Detection Hardware – $125.00

The World’s first vehicle alcohol detection device that allows you to preset a BAC limit up to 0.05% breath-alcohol-content. If you test above that BAC limit, your vehicle will not start, and the SOBRDRIVE app will give you alternatives to driving impaired.

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