Alcohol & Behavior Monitoring


The CheckBAC platform empowers people and treatment providers with tools for accountability. The user’s smartphone reports real-time location data and the remote alcohol testing includes video to confirm identity.

  • Set weekly/daily remote alcohol testing schedules.
  • Send random BAC tests.
  • Designated 3rd party receives text/email reports.
  • Require BAC test when user travels faster than 15 MPH.
  • Online administrative portal for all user activity.
  • Video of user completing BAC test sent to Monitor.
  • Instantly assign a new Monitor in the portal.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports included.
  • Connect a vehicle for no additional monthly cost!

The program requires a smartphone (IOS/Android) with a data connection and the purchase of our Bluetooth iAlco Supreme Breathalyzer for $99.00 and a monthly subscription.

To get started order the iAlco Supreme Breathalyzer for $99.00 for each user.

Subscriptions are month-to-month and begin after the free (10) day trial period.

Standard Monitoring = $34.99 per month/user.

Managed Monitoring = $59.99 per month/user.

For vehicle monitoring/interlock select CheckBAC Drive.

Please call (866) 657-5658 to speak with a Think Twice team member.


CheckBAC’s app-based remote 24/7 alcohol monitoring service helps you build trust and accountability with patients and family members for a low monthly cost.

  • CheckBAC automatically verifies identity with facial recognition software so monitors can manually review flagged video files.
  • The user’s smartphone reports GPS location and tracks the velocity of travel. If the device travels faster than 15 MPS a BAC test can be required.
  • BAC test results, GPS location, time/date are reported via text/email and uploaded to the CheckBAC platform for review.

Easily add CheckBAC Drive for vehicle monitoring and interlock capabilities.

Standard Monitoring = $34.99 per month/user.

Do you want Think Twice to provide 3rd partying monitoring and support?

  • Proactive daily/weekly/monthly reporting.
  • Change/add support for all administrators.
  • Custom/random BAC testing schedules.

Managed Monitoring from Think Twice = $59.99 per month/user.

Please call (866) 657-5658 to speak with a Think Twice team member. We return all voicemails.