Safety & Prevention

Save Lives
Limit Your Liability
Protect Your Community

Prevent Drink Spiking

Ketamine & GHB Drug Test Kits

Detect the presence of both drugs by dropping liquid on designated areas. Select from test strips in sealed pouches, flat "bar coaster" cards, and event style wristbands.

Drink covers are also available in either reusable or disposable options.

Smartphone Application + Handheld Breathalyzer pair with a vehicle starter bypass called a Drive module. CheckBAC provides activity reports to a Monitor and SOBRDRIVE is for personal use only.

Apple IOS - Android - Bluetooth Connected

Single-Use Breathalyzers

Think Twice disposable breathalyzers are individually packaged and the crystals in the viewing window change color based on 4 different breath-alcohol-content levels. (0.00% / 0.02% / 0.05% / 0.08%+)

Reliable alcohol screening for professional and personal use.


Employee alcohol screening delivered in 10 seconds using compact fingerprint scanning technology.

Breathalyzers Need Calibration?

Digital breathalyzers must be periodically calibrated to maintain accuracy. Alcomate Prism Technology™ does not. We also offer a calibration service for standard fuel-cell and semiconductor breathalyzers.

Think Twice

Responsible Alcohol Service Think Twice Hospitality

The increasing number of successful lawsuits against bar operators suggest much more than state minimums for alcohol service are needed.

Think Twice provides practical solutions for bars and restaurants.

Host Party Kit Product Image

Do You Host Private Parties Or Events?

The Think Twice Breathalyzer Party Kit is an easy way to help friends and family know when NOT to drive.

Think Twice Quiz

Challenge your knowledge about the most common misconceptions related to alcohol, breathalyzers, and impaired driving laws.

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Think Twice Can Help

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    Save Lives

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    Qualify for Discounts on Liability Insurance

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    Private Parties and Events

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    Prevent Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

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    Increase Sales and Promote Rideshare

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    Make Your Community Safer

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    Reduce Alcohol Serving Violations

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    Shift Our Culture Away from Impaired Driving

We Should All Think Twice®

We should all Think Twice about drinking and driving but each year over a.. Learn More

Our Mission

The Think Twice mission is to reduce the intoxicated driving rate by helping people.. Learn More

Think Twice Pledge

Join us to end drunk driving and the needless loss of life by taking the #iThinkTwice pledge.

Our Proud Sponsors and Customers

Our Proud Sponsors and Customers

Why It Matters

The first DUI can cost $10,000+ in many states.

One person dies in an alcohol-related vehicle crash every 48 minutes.

Over a Million DUI arrests occur each year in the United States.

Drunk driving costs the United States $132 Billion a year.

29% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities in the U.S. involve alcohol.